Deadline Extensions (Slip Days) Policy

Assignments (projects, lab homeworks, etc.) are due as stated. Assignments must be properly submitted (pushed to GitHub) for credit. Late work will receive a 0. 1 second late = 1 day late.

Deadline Extensions

Use your slip days. Slip days are specifically intended for legitimate reasons for needing an extension. This includes accommodations (e.g. medical issues, family emergencies, religious observance, athletic participation, etc.)

All assignment deadlines are known well in advance. For most students with accommodations, you should plan ahead and complete your assignment before the deadline.

If this policy is not meeting your accommodation needs, please speak with me. I will work with you to develop reasonable accommodations that align with your individual situation.

Slip Days

A slip day permits you to submit an assignment 24 hours after the deadline and still receive credit without a late penalty.

How to Use Your Slip Days

  1. If the assignment explicitly states you may use your slip days, submit the assignment after the deadline.
  2. Do not notify the instructor that you are using a slip day; just use them.

How to Earn Extra Slip Days

You may earn 3 additional slip days (one for each individual project) by participating and making meaningful contributions to the discussion forum throughout the duration of each project.

The deadline to earn an additional slip day is the deadline for the final submission for each individual project.

You may use your earned slip days on any assignment that you wish. This includes the current project.