Attendance & Participation Policy

You are required to attend and participate in lecture and in the lab sections.

If you miss class, you should ask a peer for the notes that you missed; instructor notes and slides will not provided.

Excused Absences

How to Use Your Excused Absences

  1. Don’t come to class. That’s it. You don’t need to do anything else.

    • You may use them no questions asked.
    • You will receive a 0 for that day.
    • Your lowest 8 attendance grades will be dropped at the end of the semester.
    • Ask a peer to help you catch up; ask a peer for the class notes.
  2. Do not email the instructor to notify him that you will be missing class.

  3. Keep your personal information private.

    • There is no need to share why you are missing class.
    • Please do not send documentation about your excused absence. No documentation is required.

Attendance Grade Correction Requests

If your attendance was not recorded properly, send an email to with this information:


(REQUEST) Attendance Grade Correction

Email Message:

NetID: your NetID\ Date(s): date(s) your attendance was incorrectly recorded; lab number\ Lab Section: your lab section

Lab Sections

You are required to attend your registered Friday lab section. This is university policy. Most, if not all of the seats in the classrooms for labs are spoken for to the students who registered for that specific section. If you decide to attend a section for which you are not registered, you will not receive any record of your attendance. No exceptions.

Temporarily Switch Lab Sections

Under special circumstances you may request in advance to temporarily switch your lab section for one week. Do not under any circumstances attend another lab section without prior permission. You will not get credit and you are taking a seat and teaching resources away from the students who are registered at that time.

You must make the request by Wednesday at midnight. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill your request. Please send an email to with the following pieces of information.


(REQUEST) Temporarily Switch Lab Section

Email Message:

NetID: your NetID\ Enrolled/Registered lab section number: section number\ Date you would like to switch sections for only one day: date\ The lab sections you are requesting to attend once and only once: section numbers

If you do not hear from us, then you must attend your registered lab section.