Grading Mistakes & Regrades Policy

If you have a question about your grade, submit a grade clarification request.

If there was a mistake with your grade, submit a regrade request.

Assignment Grade Clarification Requests (Grading Questions)

If your unsure about why you got the grade you did, you may submit a grade clarification request. A grade clarification request is not a regrade request. Your grade will not be changed from submitting a grade clarification request. If you want your grade changed, submit a regrade request.

Please send an email to with the following pieces of information:


(REQUEST) Grade Clarification

Email Message:

NetID: your NetID\ Assignment: the assignment, milestone, class participation, final grade, etc.\ Brief explanation of what you would like clarified about your grade (1-3 sentences):\ Be concise and to the point. State what you would like clarified directly.

Assignment Grade Changes (Regrade Requests)

If you believe that you received an incorrect grade, you may submit a regrade request.

Regrade requests are intended for correcting grading mistakes, not for lobbying for points.

Follow these steps to submit a regrade request:

  1. Wait 24 hours before you do anything.

    Do not email the instructor. Do not email the grader.

    The teaching staff will not discuss any changes to grades within 24 hours of an assignment being returned.

  2. After 24 hours discuss your grade with a TA in person. The TA will help you understand the grade you received.

    Do not email or contact the grader directly.

  3. If your assignment should be regraded, print out the regrade request form, hand write your responses, and ask the TA to sign it.

    Directly and clearly state the grading mistakes and the points that you believe should be returned.

  4. Hand the signed form to the instructor during office hours or slide it under the instructor’s door (Gates 224).

    The instructor handles all regrade requests. It is possible to receive a lower grade than the original one you were given.

  5. Check the comments in CMS for the status of your regrade request.

    Once we process it, we will leave a comment in CMS on whether we have regraded your assignment or denied your request.

    It usually takes us several weeks to process a regrade request. Please be patient.