Syllabus for INFO 2300: Intermediate Design and Programming for the Web (Spring 2020)

Course Resources

Instructor: Kyle Harms; he/him/his;;

Prerequisites: INFO 1300\ Lectures: Tuesdays, Thursdays, 9:05am-9:55am, Uris Hall G01\ Lab Sections: Fridays. See for details.\ Sections 203, 204, 206, 208, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215 are laptop only sections.

Email Contact:\ Course Web Site:\ Course Grades:\ Discussion Forum:

Required Textbooks:

Title Author ISBN
PHP 7 Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy (4th edition) David Powers 978-1-4842-4337-4

TA Office Hours: Calendar (iCal)\ Instructor’s Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:30pm-4:00pm, Thursdays 10:00am-11:00am, Gates Hall 224.

Course Overview

The main emphasis of this course is server-side web programming. Students begin with a short overview of the PHP server-side scripting language, then look at interactions with databases, learning about querying via the database language SQL. Through a succession of projects, students learn how to apply this understanding to the creation of an interactive, data-driven site via PHP and the SQLite database. Also considered are technologies such as JavaScript and Ajax and techniques to enhance security and privacy. Design, inclusivity, and usability issues are emphasized.

Course Objectives

Course Structure

This is a project-oriented class, and you can expect to spend 10-12 hours/week outside of class. There are 3 individual projects and a group project. Each project has multiple milestones in which we’ll give you feedback that will help you turn in better final versions.

The primary source of information in this class comes from lectures. Attending lecture regularly is important to your overall success in this class and is required. Lecture materials (i.e. slides) will not be posted. If you miss class, you should catch up by asking a peer for notes. Lab sections are once a week and typically build on the information presented in lecture. I will assigned required readings from the class textbooks that complement lecture and labs.

There is no final exam for this course. There are no other exams or prelims.

Attendance & Absences

You are required to attend and participate in lecture and in the lab sections. Credit for class participation is a proxy for the learning that happens during class.

You are given 8 excused absences for the entire semester. See the extended policy for additional details.

Deadlines & Late Work

Assignments are due as stated. Late work will receive a 0.

You are given a total of 3 slip days for use as deadline extensions for the entire semester with the option to earn 3 more slip days. See the extended policy for additional details.

Communication & Getting Help

Please communicate or get help using one of the following ways:

  1. Refer the syllabus, policy documents, website.
  2. Visit office hours.
    • Please try utilizing office hours before you seek help through other channels.
  3. Search and then post to the course discussion forum:
    • Use this for course related inquires of interest to the whole class.
  4. Send a message to the course email:
    • Use this for individual/personal course related inquires.
  5. Avoid emailing the instructor directly.

Do not directly contact (email) any of the TAs. Please use the above channels.


Your grade is computed as the following weighted averages. Your final grade is assigned to the better of these options.

Component Option A Option B
Participation 10% 0%
Lecture Attendance    
Lab Attendance    
Lab Homeworks 20% 20%
Individual Projects 45% 50%
Group Project 25% 30%

I grade to a scale, not to a curve and I do not round grades. Like your GPA, letter grades are assigned by the integer-part of your percentage; the decimal-part is not a factor. For example: 96.01, 96.5, and 96.99 are all A’s. 97.0 is an A+.

Letter Percent Letter Percent Letter Percent Letter Percent
A+ 97-100% B+ 87-89% C+ 77-79% D+ 67-69%
A 93-96% B 83-86% C 73-76% D 63-66%
A- 90-92% B- 80-82% C- 70-72% D- 60-62%
            F 0-59%


Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellness

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are all core values of this course. A sense of belonging can also affect students’ mental health and wellness. All participants in this course deserve to and should expect to be treated with respect by other members of the community.

Academic Integrity

All students are expected to abide by the University’s Code of Academic Integrity.

Academic Accommodations (SDS, Title IX, religious, athletic, etc.)

This course has built-in deadline and attendance flexibility. This flexibility is specifically intended to support most student accommodation needs (e.g. medical issues, family emergencies, religious observance, athletic participation, etc.) Further, all assignment deadlines are known well in advance; plan for your absences. For most accommodations I expect you to use this flexibility and/or complete your assignment in advance of your absence.

Note to students with disabilities: If you have a disability‐related need for reasonable academic adjustments in this course, provide the (Instructor, TA, Course Coordinator) with an accommodation letter from Student Disability Services. Students are expected to give two weeks notice of the need for accommodations. If you need immediate accommodations, please arrange to meet with your (Instructor, TA, Course Coordinator) within the first two class meetings.

If you need additional flexibility, please come talk to me. You must request accommodations/considerations well in advance; the day before the deadline is not sufficient. There is very little (read: nothing) that I can offer as an accommodation after an assignment deadline has passed. If you are requesting an accommodation for an assignment, you must demonstrate your progress on the assignment (i.e. push your current progress). I am willing to work with you on your individual circumstance to help you succeed in this course, but you must come and see me first. The sooner the better.

Laptops and Cell Phones

In lecture, laptops and cell phones distract you from fully engaging with the material. Laptop use is strongly discouraged. If you plan on using a laptop, please sit in the designated laptop section. Cell phone use is not permitted.

Photography & Recording

Please do not take photos or record any portion of lecture without first obtaining permission from the instructor.

Selling Course Materials

Course materials are intellectual property belonging to the author. Students are not permitted to buy or sell any course materials without the express permission of the instructor. Such unauthorized behavior constitutes academic misconduct.

Waiving the Course (Information Science Majors)

If you already know the information presented in this class, please waive this course. To waive this course, complete the waiver form on the course website. Next, come visit me during my office hours and be prepared to show me your code that demonstrates your understanding of this course’s material.