INFO 2300: Virtual Instruction Syllabus

I want to acknowledge that your situation has changed dramatically over the last few weeks. Your learning environment has changed and may be filled with distractions, you are likely very stressed, unable to focused, and worried about your family. There are a lot changes happening everywhere, including this course. I will support your learning needs as best as I can through this transition.

IMPORTANT! All information in this documents takes precedence over all other documents/policies.


Former Component Virtual Component  
Lecture Recorded Lectures + Live Q & A  
Lab Sections Recorded Debrief + Live Q & A  
Lab Homeworks 5 Lab Homeworks (2 dropped)  
Projects & Milestones Project 3 (Project 4 dropped)  
Office Hours Asynchronous Q & A on Campuswire + 10 minute Zoom meetings  


Regularly check the course schedule to keep yourself up to speed in the course.

Lecture → Recorded Lecture + Live Q & A

Recorded video lectures will be released on Mondays and Wednesdays around noon (I will try to release them earlier). Videos will be posted to Canvas.

Please, please, please take handwritten notes while watching the video lectures. Hand writing notes will help you learn more and also keep you engaged while watching the videos. Understand that downloading the instructor’s slides or notes is NOT a substitute for this learning exercise.

During our normal lecture time slot (9:05am - 9:55 am) I will hold a live Zoom Q & A session about the lecture released the previous day. Session starts at 9:05 and will go until 9:55 or end early if there are no questions. Live Q & A will recorded and posted to Canvas.

If you are unable to attend the live Q & A, you may post questions under the video lecture post in Canvas. I will answer all questions from the discussion in the video lecture discussion on Canvas.

Lab Sections & Lab Homeworks

Lab homeworks will be released on Thursdays around noon. Homeworks are due Sundays a 11:59pm. I will record a video debrief of the lab in place of your section leaders going over the lab in person.

During your registered section time, you will have the opportunity join a zoom call with your registered section to ask questions about the lab homework. Section Q & A will not be recorded. This is in the interest of privacy.


Project 3 has been adjusted to reduce the overall difficulty. Difficult content was moved into Labs 10 and 11 (after the Project 3 deadline). There is insufficient time for Project 4; Project 4 has been dropped.

Project deadlines are now Wednesdays at 11:59pmm. You may use slip days on all project deadlines (including milestones). However, please note that late milestones will NOT receive feedback.

Office Hours → Campuswire Q & A

How to get Help:

  1. Start assignments early. Seek help early.

    You should expect to receive help within 12-24 hours of requesting it.

    In our move to virtual instruction, we will not be able to support a rush of questions right before the deadline. Work ahead. Plan ahead.

  2. Complete the Request for Help form.

    You may request a 10 minute zoom meeting with a TA in your request.

    When TAs are holding office hours, they will answer the requests posted to Campuswire.


    1. Public questions will be answered first.
    2. Private questions are answered second.
    3. 10 minute zoom meetings are last.
  3. Try to catch ad hoc office hours_

    The TAs will answer requests for help first and hold schedule 10 minute zoom meetings during their scheduled office hours. If they finish early, they will announce on Campuswire that they will be holding Zoom office hours on Campuswire.

This process is designed to efficiently assist as many students as possible given our limited TA resources. Holding zoom office hours is not sustainable for this course. There are not enough TAs to hold zoom office hours to reliably meet the needs of 300 students.

Virtual Instruction Policies

All information in this document takes precedence over all other documents/policies prior to virtual instruction.

Time Zones

All dates, times, and deadlines are US Eastern Time Zone (ET). Not submitting on time because you forgot about the time zone difference is not considered a valid excuse.


Flexibility. I understand that you are currently going through a lot. I will be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

Please communicate any issues or requests for accommodations in advance to I will do my best to accommodate you. Please note that you must request accommodations in advance (read: minimum 24 hours). Asking for accommodations right before or after a deadline is not ideal. I may not be able to accommodate late requests.

Please keep your personal information private. You do not owe me an explanation about what’s going on in your private life. Simply state your request.

Academic Integrity

If you’re having a hard time right now, request accommodations; don’t cheat.


Attendance grades are frozen at the last in-person lecture. Attendance will not be recorded for the remainder of the semester.

Slip Days

Everyone is granted 2 slip days for every single deadline for the remainder of the semester. Yes, for each deadline you get 2 slip days for that deadline.

Please, please, please plan to submit on time. I am trying to offer as much flexibility as a can to help you adjust to these new circumstances. If slip day usage becomes abused, I will change this policy.

Regrade Requests

Complete the regrade request form (posted to course website) and email the completed form to


Your grade is computed as the following weighted averages. Your final grade is assigned to the better of these options.

Component Option A Option B
Participation (1/21- 3/12) 15% 0%
Lecture Attendance    
Lab Attendance    
Lab Homeworks 30% 30%
Projects 55% 70%