Final Submission: Client Hand-off and Deliverables

Deadline: Thursday 5/21, 11:30am ET

You’ve worked very hard and your effort shows. It’s now time to package up all of your efforts and deliver your project to your client.

Credit & Submission

Credit: Debrief Meeting (5%), Deliverables (20%), Final Report (10%). The instructor will assign your grade by coordinating with your client.

Adjustments may be made to your project grade to reflect your contributions to the project. If your team members’ evaluations indicate that you did not make sufficient contributions to the project, your overall grade may be lowered.

Submit all artifacts to your team’s Git repository. Markdown or PDF artifacts are preferred. Add an entry for each artifact to your repository’s table of contents. Only artifacts listed in the table of contents will be graded. Please use Markdown for all submission artifacts when possible.

Note: Failure to submit (Git push) will result in 0 points. Failure to include an artifact’s entry in the table of contents will result in a 0 for the artifact. Double check your submission!

Confidentially & Intellectual Property

Cornell’s Standard Project Agreement (CSP) protects your client’s intellectual property. You are legally obligated to meet the conditions specified in this agreement.

Many of your clients will sign the CSP using Option C: The Organization is the owner of all Intellectual Property. If your client signs with this option, you are required to sanitized any privileged information when submitting assignments.

IMPORTANT! Any work that you place in your team’s Git repository should not include any privileged or confidential information.

Individual Assignments

Individual Project Reflection

Deadline: Sunday, 5/11, 11:59pm ET. Credit: 20 points (5% of final grade)

Each individual team member will submit a 1 page “Individual Project Reflection” about what you personally learned from this project. Think back all semester. Where were you when you started the semester? What have you accomplished since? Feel free to share any additional thoughs about the project. Each team member should submit a PDF version of their reflection to CMS.

Peer Evaluations

Your final grade in this class will be adjusted based on your individual contributions to your project.

Your team members will evaluate your contributions throughout the semester. If your team members feel that you did not contribute equally to the project, then I may lower your final grade.

Complete the following survey:

Delete All Client’s Intellectual Property

After submitting the deliverables to the client and receiving their confirmation that you have fulfilled your obligations, dispose all of the client’s intellectual property in your possession.

Individual Contribution Update

No individual contribution update required for remainder of semester.

Final Submission Objectives

Final Report

The final report will serve as an executive summary of your entire project for your client. In the report you should summarize your team’s efforts over the entire semester.

In this document, you will describe the problem you worked on, the methods and tools you used, the activities you carried out, and the final outcomes you are providing to the client.

This document does not need to be long and verbose. Your client is likely a busy person and will appreciate brevity. The report will probably only be a few pages (~4-8). You should include as much information as necessary so that your client has a record of your process and efforts.

Your final report should be a PDF. No word docs. No google drive links. You will submit the final report to your client and instructor.

Final Deliverables

You should package up all deliverables with appropriate documentation and send them to your client. Your packaged deliverables should be well organized. This means including a table of contents or similar document to explain each artifact to your client.

Your deliverables should be usable by your client. Do not just dump them a zip file and expect them to figure out what you’ve given them. Provide a reasonable file structure and documentation so that they know how to use your work moving forward. Remember, this is you handing off your project.

Client Debrief Meeting

In lieu of a traditional presentation, this semester you will hand-off your project to your client with a debrief meeting.

This is not intended to be a formal presentation, but that does not mean you should wing it. You should be very well prepared to hand off your deliverables to your client. You will probably want to prepare slides in order to keep the meeting focused. However, slides are not required.

Delete All Client Intellectual Property

After submitting the deliverables to the client and receiving their confirmation that you have fulfilled your obligations, dispose all of the client’s intellectual property in your possession.

Four-Box Status Report

No four box required for remainder of semester.

Final Submission Artifacts

All artifacts should be submitted to your team’s Git repository and should be accessible from the table of contents.

Your table of contents should include:

Note: Do not submit the final deliverables to the instructor(Git repo). Final deliverables are only delivered to the client.