INFO 5901: Team Contract

Working together as a team is critical for your success on this project. Conflicts happen. It’s best to develop a plan before conflict arises. This way your team knows exactly the ground rules for dealing with that conflict. In this assignment you’ll be developing a team contract that you’ll follow throughout the duration of your project.

The team contract is a living document. If it’s not working, your team should revise it as often as necessary. If you keep it up to date, there will be little work to do when submitting your Progress Reports later in the semester.


20 points.

If your team contract is reasonable and thoughtful, you’ll get full credit. If it looks like you threw the contract together last minute or didn’t take the assignment seriously, you won’t get full credit.


Your group contract/working agreement should include these elements. Feel free to add other terms, too.

  1. Team name or project name. Plus full name and NetID of each of your team members.

  2. To what goals do we all commit?

  3. What are our “ground rules”? (Don’t make an exhaustive list—stick with just a few.)

  4. By what means and how frequently will we meet or communicate?

  5. How will we communicate and work with our client?

  6. What roles will we create? Include a description of exactly what each role is responsible for.

  7. How will we hold ourselves and one another accountable? What (exactly) will we say to a team member who appears not to be contributing equally? To a team member who fails to deliver what was promised?

  8. What do we do when we disagree? What approach to conflict to we all agree to uphold?

  9. What are our procedures for re-visiting this contract?

  10. What else do we want to include in this contract?

Submitting Your Team Contract

Submit a copy of your team contract signed (digital is fine) by all team members as a PDF to your team’s Git repository.

Add an entry to your repository’s table of contents ( for the team contract:

- [Team Contract](path/to/team-contract.pdf)

Note: Failure to submit a PDF document will result in a 0 for the assignment.

Note: Failure to include an entry in the table of contents will result in a 0 for the assignment.