INFO 5900/5901: Virtual Instruction Syllabus

I want to acknowledge that your situation has changed dramatically over the last few weeks. Your learning environment has changed and may be filled with distractions, you are likely very stressed, unable to focused, and worried about your family. There are a lot changes happening everywhere, including this course. I will support your learning needs as best as I can through this transition.

IMPORTANT! All information in this documents takes precedence over all other documents/policies.


Component Virtual Component
Instructor Check-in Regular 30 minute weekly Zoom meeting
Milestone 2 New Deadline: 4/9, 11:59pm ET
Milestone 3 New Deadline: 5/4, 11:59pm ET
Presentation cut; Replaced with client debrief meeting
Poster cut
Final Report, Deliverables, Client Debrief New Deadline: 5/21, 11:30am ET


Regularly check the course schedule to keep yourself up to speed in the course.


Assignment Where to Submit
Individual Contribution Update CMS
Milestones, Final Submission Git Repository

Weekly Instructor Check-in

In place of in-person instructor check-ins, you will have a regularly scheduled 30 minute Zoom meeting with the instructor. Your 4-Box is due at the beginning of your meeting. Please email the 4-Box to before the meeting.

During your weekly check-in the instructor will go over the 4-Box you submitted prior to the meeting and discuss issues with your project.


  Total INFO 5900 INFO 5901
Credit 3 credits 1 credit 2 credits
Assignments 20% 0% 30%
• Lecture & Reading Reflections 10%    
• Individual Status Updates 5%    
• Project Status Updates 5%    
Project 80% 100% 70%
• Milestone 1 15%    
• Milestone 2 15%    
• Milestone 3 15%    
• Client Debrief Meeting 5%    
• Final Report 10%    
• Deliverables 20%    
Total 100% 100% 100%